These are the documents to be kept in your binder.  Please note that electronic versions of these documents may contain updates that do not appear in the printed editions.   Some documents may not be published online due to copyright restrictions.

A.     Title Page

B.     Welcome to Mr. Gulle's Class

C.     Course Syllabus

D.     Mr. Gulle's Golden Rules

E.     Why Study History?

F.     Sources of Historical Information     GUIDE

G.     Measurements of Time     GUIDE

H.     The Paleolithic Era

I.      Map:  The River Valley Civilizations (Ask Mr. Gulle for this document on paper)

J.     Mesopotamia - "The Land Between Two Rivers"  

K.   A Tour Of Babylon

L.   Abraham - The Father of Three Religions (Notebook Paper)

M.  Major Beliefs of Hinduism

N.   Qin Shi Huangdi

O.  Ancient Egyptian Historical Periods

P.   A Historical Overview of Ancient Greece

Q.  Sparta

R.   A Tour of Athens

S.   Athens

T.   A Historical Overview of Ancient Rome

U.  The Roman Republic

V.  Julius Caesar